MIKIRI Company that ties organically all
1. Producing MIKIRI’s Original Brand Shoes
The Kobe-based company MIKIRI offers a wide range of original shoe brands for the ladies who want to stay true to self. Adjacent to the Kobe head office is our very own shoe factory where enthusiastic designers and master craftsmen work together. In the factory, beautiful design with a touch of feminine sensitivity is carefully made into a last by seasoned professionals. To maintain and secure the brands’ originality, MIKIRI operates its shoe business covering the entire process from product planning & design to manufacturing & sales.
2. マーケティング力を活かした受託製造生産
2. Contract Manufacturing Services + Our Marketing Skills
MIKIRI offers contract manufacturing services for women’s shoes. Using our own marketing skills and global networking, we conduct a thorough information gathering and market research. Our approach provides an objective analysis with a broad global perspective and feminine sensitivity. We offer various suggestions for highly marketable products that precisely capture a seasonal trend and needs in the market. MIKIRI provides consistent services through product planning, designing, and manufacturing.
3. プレスルーム
東京オフィスでは、自社のオリジナルブランドの展開や販促を目的とするプレス業務、 卸業務に加え、他ブランドのブランディングやプロモーション事業を行っています。また、各界で活躍するクリエーターたちが、ジャンルの垣根を越えて自由に交流し、お互いのクリエイティビティを高め合い、新しいプロダクトの製作やショウ、エキシビジョンの開催などを通じて、お客様に還元できる環境づくりにも力を入れています。
3. Press Room
At the Tokyo office our business ranges widely ? the production, sales & promotion of our very own MIKIRI brands, wholesale operation, and the branding and promotion strategy development for other brand names. We also take a serious look at fostering a favorable and open working environment, where talented creators and designers from various genres can go beyond boundaries and influence each other’s originality. Through developing new products and holding shows & exhibitions, the diverse collection of talents is able to give back to their customers.
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